What is accidental death attorney

accidental death attorney

Introduction An accidental death attorney is a lawyer who represents the interests of the family of a person who has died as a result of an accident. This type of attorney is usually hired to pursue a wrongful death claim against the party responsible for the accident. An accidental death attorney can help the family … Read more

Jones Act: What is Jones Act?

Jones Act

The Jones Act is a federal law that requires vessels in interstate commerce to be built, owned, and operated by Americans. The law also stipulates that these vessels must be registered in the United States and fly the American flag. The Jones Act was passed in 1920 as a response to the increasing number of … Read more

Houston Offshore & Maritime Injury Attorneys

Maritime Injury

Houston Offshore & Maritime Injury Attorneys If you work in the maritime or offshore industry in Houston, chances are you know someone who has been injured on the job. maritime and offshore injuries are some of the most common types of injuries we see at our law firm. While these industries are vital to the … Read more

What does an estate lawyer do after death

Estate Lawyer

Introduction An estate lawyer is a type of lawyer who helps people plan for their death. This includes making sure that their assets are distributed according to their wishes and that their debts are paid. Estate lawyers also help executors settle the estate after the person has died. They can help with probate, which is … Read more